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The analysis of the hobbing machining accuracy. The shaft gear accuracy is mainly related to the movement accuracy, stability accuracy, and touch accuracy. The hobbing machining top uses the control of the normal line length and the ring gear diameter to ensure the movement accuracy; the control of the tooth shape error and the base joint error To ensure the smoothness and accuracy of the operation; use the control of the tooth direction error to ensure the touch accuracy. The following is the analysis of the causes of several errors that are easy to appear in the hobbing process:

The radial runout of the ring gear is incorrect. The radial runout of the ring gear refers to the range of one revolution of the gear; the probe is in the tooth groove or on the gear tooth; double-sided touch with the high and middle part of the tooth; the maximum change of the probe relative to the axis of the gear tooth The amount is also the partial pain of the gear ring gear relative to the axis of the shaft; this kind of partial pain is caused when the parts are installed; the two intermediate holes of the parts do not coincide with the reverse intermediate device of the worktable or the error is too large. or Because the top and top holes are poorly made; the positioning surface is not well-touched to form a migraine; therefore, the ring gear diameter jump should be analyzed from the above reason.

On the normal-grade hobbing machine; with the usual precision hob; only 8-level precision gear teeth can be processed. The precision required for the gear part of the gearbox shaft is 877 grade; and the two intermediate holes and end faces are mainly used for hobbing processing. Benchmark; therefore analyze the origin of hobbing errors; it is very important to grasp the methods to ensure and improve machining accuracy.


Post time: Jan-28-2021