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Non-standard bearings Bearings are important and key basic components in the equipment manufacturing industry, which directly determine the performance, quality and reliability of major equipment and host products, and are known as the “heart” components of equipment manufacturing. After years of development, my country’s bearing industry has formed a considerable scale. The national bearing industry’s output value in 2010 was about 130 billion yuan, ranking third in the world. Although the development scale of my country’s bearing industry is already very large, most of them are concentrated on the low end. In the field of high-end bearing manufacturing, there is still a considerable gap between my country and developed countries. Wang Quanqing, secretary general of China Bearing Industry Association, also made it clear that the development speed of China’s high-end bearings can not keep up with the development speed of the host. For example, my country has mastered the technology of high-speed EMUs with independent intellectual property rights, but the supporting bearings still basically rely on imports. At present, most of the high-speed bearings produced by domestic bearing companies can only meet the trains of 150-180 kilometers, and the high-speed railway bearings in Europe and the United States can meet the needs of trains of 350-400 kilometers per hour. Bearings basically rely on high-priced imports.

Based on the fact that China’s high-end bearings are lagging behind, the “Plan” makes it clear that it will give full play to the guiding role of industrial policies, increase the industry’s entry barriers, and curb low-level repeated construction; give the “three-base” industry fiscal and tax support policies, including the bearing industry, Implement the duty-free import policy for key components and raw materials; study and formulate policies that encourage users to adopt “three-based” new products and new processes.


Post time: Jan-28-2021